How new technologies will shape the future of healthcare?

With lessons from leaders from academia, industry and young startups, this school aims to give an insight on the future of healthcare diagnostics, by exploring three big topics:


Personalized medicine and eHealth – the big picture, will explore the social, economic and regulatory context required for the diffusion of personalized medicine and eHealth practices.

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New diagnostic technologies and approaches, will present some of latest emerging technologies which will revolutionize the field of diagnostics in the next years.


From lab to market – how to transform technology into a product, will discuss case studies from swiss startups, giving an overview of the challenges enterpreneurs need to face in bringing a technology to the market.

 lab to market


Learning Objectives

At the end of the school, students will acquire a set of critical skills to write and work on solution-oriented research projects or start new ventures in the field of medical diagnostics and personalized medicine. More specifically, participants should be able to:

Recognize unresolved diagnostic issues
Identify the barriers to overcome in transferring a technology from lab to market
Critically assess if a scientific idea has market potential, by evaluating impact, feasibility, and profitability.
Practice effective networking strategies